March 27, 2015


The moment we say the words top model we automatically think about those gorgeous young women with slim figures, super-long legs and wonderful features, but, you know, the category also fits men. They’re just as famous in the industry and just as well paid.

Of course, not every man running for a great fashion designer is famous and rich. The models truly at the top are far fewer than that. But this doesn’t mean that the gentlemen haven’t been granted titles such as ’’the most beautiful male model’’ or the ’’perfect man’’. So there’s little wonder about the tons of admirers flooding their online socialising pages.

Perfection is an abstract notion everyone seeks to turn to reality, yet few come even near. Especially when it’s about the physical aspect of the equation. Still, Marlon Teixeira is one of the men we can easily qualify as nearly perfect. He can thank for his features to his Japanese, Brazilian and Portuguese ancestors.


Janina Nectara: For having the physical qualities of a true Adonis, the designers prefer to use him foremost in men’s beauty products campaigns. There’s a reason for the fashion magazine’s picking him as 2013’s most successful male model.


The list of male beauties continues with a Canadian called Nick Bateman. When he was little he dreamt of becoming a ninja turtle. So he started practising martial arts and by 20 years of age had already won four world championship titles. Then, from the fighting rink he leaped directly onto the runways.


JN: Nick Bateman is, probably, the most seductive Canadian alive. A literal model of male beauty. His Instagram account alone reaches almost 2 million followers and, of course, as we can imagine, the majority among them are women.


And Nick isn’t the only famous Canadian model. Another co-national of his finds himself constantly under the spotlight of the great designers. His name – Noah Mills.


JN: From the very beginning on the international podiums, Noah has run for Houses such as Gucci and Saint Laurent. What then followed were consistent contracts that got constantly renewed – from Dolce & Gabbana, Versace or Hugo Boss. As a matter of fact, Noah admits that over the previous 10 years he has spent more time with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana than with his own relatives.


When sportsmanship and beauty merged, the person to come out was Chad White. He is a former baseball player that ended his career after suffering an accident to then discover modelling. Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Dsquared2 are just a few of the names Chad has worked for.


JN: His success was so resounding that the magazines have called him the most popular male model alive. Likewise, L’Uomo Vogue granted him a record number of 40 pages for an editorial.


Godfrey Deeny, Le Figaro Editor in Chief says that the Dolce & Gabbana is ’’the’’ place to see the most beautiful models in the world. And he is right. Especially if you see Ben Hill.


JN: Ben Hill started his career in 2002 and, like any promising model, first ran for Dolce & Gabbana. He was then noticed by the other designers and in a short period of time became a true fashion darling of renowned brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein.

Jon Kortajarena comes from Spain. He had his runway debut for Emporio Armani and at just 18 became the image of Just Cavalli. His career then took off exponentially. Tom Ford chose him to ambassador his campaigns for many years in a row. The designer also provided him with a role in his very successful movie A Single Man. Kortajarena became so appreciated that L’Officiel Homme featured him in a dedicated 200-page issue, back in 2008. The edition was called 200 Pages of Fashion with Jon Kortajarena. Forbes ranked him 7th among the most successful models in the world.


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