August 8, 2013

Top 10 most hotly anticipated Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 accessories. 9 among them rank no1!

Proenza Schouler fall winter 2013 2014 campaign

Who would have thought that I’d find it impossible to compile a top 10 of the most hotly anticipated Proenza Schouler accessories for fall 2013? Well, impossible it was, with 9 shoes, booties and bags stubbornly claiming first place and the huge injustice I was unwilling to make – having the 10th perfect creation of the American duo banished to a sad… second place.

So I decided to step no further than the PS11 bags and architectural shoes of the single minded Proenza Schouler collection allow me to, as I was already in the fantastic realm where Tiny Pony is a sweetly fierce bag only too well matchable with a none the less fascinating Cave Print Dress.

I split the first place of the 9 into the 3 New Arrivals and the eagerly awaited 6 and considered it to be my right to letting my imagination run free as to what spectacular looks you can make, starting your way up from a milk-white shoe!


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Photo source: Proenza Schouler