January 22, 2015

Tommy Hilfiger is launching a revolutionary concept in fashion and technology

Last night, Tommy Hilfiger premiered a new benchmark for the fashion industry. And it wasn’t the runway show of any new collection. But a new technological approach and a brand new concept of showcasing for buyers each and every one of its collections.

The room dedicated for meeting the representatives of the world’s biggest physical and online stores in Amsterdam is wired to high tech equipment and ideas meant to minimise the impact this vital process – that of the transfer of clothing and accessories down the distribution chain from designer, via retailers, to final clients – has on the environment. Once, through all the involved by the producing of samples and, secondly, by the international transport and storage they entail.

Daniel Grieder, CEO Tommy Hilfiger says that the platform reflects on the values at the brand’s core: entrepreneurship, inspiration, surprise and accessibility.

More precisely, the media system comprises of an interactive touch screen pad wired to a wall-to-wall ultra-high-definition 4K (the same standard as the one used in cinematography) display. This allows the buyers to visualise each item of every collection in minute detail and then develop a virtual portfolio of preferences and orders.

The plans at Tommy Hilfiger are to expand this innovative digital showroom throughout its relevant locations around the world, as well as to maintain the focus on its environment, and otherwise, long term objectives.

Tommy Hilfiger Amsterdam innovative digital showroom

Other similarly high impact news from the American designer are the recruiting of the great tennis champion Rafael Nadal as ambassador for the Tommy Hilfiger underwear and Tommy Hilfiger Tailored lines starting this fall. As well as the launch of the Tommy Hilfiger Solar Panel Jacket – a windbreaker enhanced with solar panels that allow the on the go charging of devices small and big…


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Photos: Tommy Hilfiger