June 24, 2014

Tom Ford will always be Tom Ford!

What did we picture when we wondered what it was Tom Ford had been up to lately? Did we maybe wonder if the receiving of the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award might have had a shifting impact, one besides his declaration apparently talking about a different perspective, of an awakening to one’s own age?


Well, any question, doubt or worry about the mutation of the DNA we’ve come to – after decades of bold campaigns – factually know, they’re all completely and profoundly without foundation. As Tom Ford continues being the same incomparable, incorrigible and adorable – literally – Tom Ford. The one…

1 launching a snickers line in his one and only one-of-a-kind way…

2 casually also receiving a distinction for the Men’s Luxury Fragrance of the Year

Tom Ford men's fragrance

3 continuing his crusade for cultivating men’s beauty and grooming habits…

4 staying true to himself and never shying away from controversy

5 putting up as main summer look… tight-fitting leather dresses… Yes, we do love you Tom Ford!


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Photos: Tom Ford