October 18, 2012

Tom Binns And Lisa Hoffman Launch Fragrance Jewelry

Given that both jewelry and perfume are usually worn on the same places on the body: décolletage, neck, wrists and ear area, it’s surprising that it actually took so long for someone to figure out how to merge the two concepts into a new, chic and innovative one.


Accessories designer Tom Binns and Lisa Hoffman, founder of the Lisa Hoffman Beauty brand, specialising in fine perfumery, launched a collection of fragrance jewelry, which at the moment includes earrings, bracelets and pendant necklaces, but will expand in future months to also include cufflinks. Each jewelry piece features a couple of tiny wooden balls infused with perfume essence, along with a refill kit.

The five fragrances available – Japanese Agarwood, Madagascar Orchid, Tunisian Neroli, French Clary Sage and Tuscan Fig – are 100% eco-friendly.

You can purchase the stylish fragrance jewelry at the Tom Binns store in New York, or online, at lisahoffmanbeauty.com.

Photos courtesy of: lisahoffmanbeauty.com