October 11, 2013

Together against domestic violence

STOP violence against women

Domestic violence is a problem knowing no boundaries and seeing insignificant variations across social statuses, environment or age. In European countries, a woman is victim of domestic violence every 30 seconds, in Spain, a woman dies at the hands of her partner, on average, every 5 days, while at a European level, every woman in 4 is abused throughout her life.

The numbers are brutal, just the way the manifestations of this type of violence hitting families everywhere are – physical aggression, threats thereof, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, domineering, intimidation, stalking, neglect or economic deprivation.

Legally, domestic violence is due to get European level reglementation by the most comprehensive, ’’most advanced’’ law on the matter, that would see signatory states bound to implement extensive measures comprising education, prevention, protection for the victims and penal punishment for the aggressors.

Meanwhile, the reality we can hope to influence is the one linked to the low numbers of reported cases, by sharing the message STOP violence against women!

And by bringing our direct contribution, by donating to organisations and for projects tackling this issue, for instance through Avon Foundation’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign offering both practical information as well as education and fundraising resources or through the Chime for Change global platform enabling us to fight for women’s wellbeing!

A life scarred by domestic violence is a scarred life. Let’s not accept this! Raise your voice and say STOP the violence against women!

STOP violence against women


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Photo sources: gcadv.org, genderacrossborders.com