November 1, 2012

Tips To Always Look Good In Photos

How many times have you browsed through Facebook photo albums to untag yourself from bad photos? How many times has it happened to want to frame a holiday photo, only to discover that you don’t have a shot of you that you truly like?

Well, here are a few simple tips to ensure that you always look excellent in every photo that you take from now on:

1. If you’re wearing your hair up, make sure that you tilt your head just a little bit to the side, so your bun or ponytail is visible. If you keep your head straight and facing the camera, your risk looking like you have no hair.

2. Apply your makeup in the same light in which your photo will be taken. If you’re going to be photographed in natural light, skip the shimmer, as it will accentuate any fine lines and make you look older.

3. Use a light-reflecting concealer so your dark circles don’t show. You’ll look well-rested and fresh.

4. Use an anti-shine product to avoid having a shiny face in photos. Try a mattifying primer and blotting tissues.

5. Even if the photo shoot is taking place outside, skip the sunscreen, as it has a tendency to make your face shine.

6. Be confident. A forced smile will never look good in photos. If you feel comfortable with yourself, you’ll be able to muster up a natural smile and your pictures won’t end up looking awkward.

7. Practice your best pose in the mirror and then use it every time someone wants to take a picture of you. Don’t ever slouch and never forget to tilt your chin just a little bit upwards.

8. A trick that stars use on the red carpet to appear slimmer is to position your feet 45 degrees away from the photographer and then turn to face the camera from the middle section of your body.

9. Stay away from heavy and dark makeup, as it will only look more intense on camera.

10. To avoid the red eye effect cause by the flash, try looking an inch away from it when it activates.

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