August 27, 2012

Three saboteurs for your skin

Acne and breakouts is such a bad thing for your skin. If you’re doing the right things, and still have pimples from time to time, make sure you check your everyday routine too, there are things that might affect your complexion. Here are three of the saboteurs:

1. Make-up brushes. They gather dirt and bacteria so easily, and they deposit it straight to your face, every time you use it. Make the smart decision to disinfect them with a special antibacterial cleanser, or at least wash them with water and soap, every few days.


2. Sunglasses. As surprisingly as it may sound, this fashion item picks up a lot of bacteria. Just think about all the places your sunglasses sit on during a day. You can solve this problem by simply washing them with soap and water, every week.


3. Cell phones. Studies show that phones gather more bacteria than a toilet closet. To prevent getting pimples from it, you should clean it with antibacterial wipes, as often as you remember.