June 21, 2013

This summer, it’s all about the Alexander Wang sandals. And today is all about their being on SALE!

Alexander Wang summer 2013 shoes

Summer is more than ever a time about being healthy and beautiful, about feeling good in our own skin and enjoying the simple thrill of a short dress worn with a pair of amazing sandals.

And here we are, where we wanted to get from the very beginning. If summer is, let’s cut straight to the chase, about unfathomably long legs, this summer can only be dedicated to the Alexander Wang sandals!

[nggallery id=472]

Sensational enough in their extravagant simplicity, they’re meant to truly be all that matters in your summer wardrobe! And to make the most of their fabulousness and double the joy – I forgot to mention – of the Alexander Wang SALES!!! you can pair them for contrast of colours and matching of gorgeousness, with one of the equally cool bags designed by genius Wang.

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Photo source: Alexander Wang