June 11, 2015

Think like a feline…

The jungle and savanna have always had great many kings when it comes to fashion. All of the spotted animals and reptiles of the Earth have inspired high fashion imitations: formidable furs, but also feline steps be they in sandals or booties. Roberto Cavalli is the Leopard King, but the two contenders from Dolce & Gabbana also eye his domain. This without even speaking of names we thought to be more conservative – Saint Laurent, Mugler – that are closely following in their footsteps!

In other words, all that’s missing is inspiration of animal prints future, present and past and also the confirmation that, yes!, this summer as well, tiger prints, having as totem giraffes, zebras or the gracious cheetah and leopard, are highly in fashion. Maybe even wilder than before!

animal print leopard summer trends


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Photos: inspirationbycolor.com, redraus.com, Roberto Cavalli, swide.com