November 7, 2013

They say Manolo Blahnik is exceptional. He is! And so much more…

Manolo Blahnik love prize

They say about Manolo Blahnik that he is always serene and optimistic and they say that he is in love with his native Canary Islands and devoted to his employees

they say that all of his uncertainties scatter like mist in front of a beautiful shoe and they say that he was going to be a painter and then fell in love and became a shoe artist,

and they’re all right!

Of course, Anna Wintour always wears Manolos and, of course, his long list of awards received from kings and fashion societies, from Spain to Great Britain and the United States, had to increase this year too. It was the Medala Sorolla de la Hispanic Society of America, another great testimony to Blahnik’s greatness.

And one more reminder, one not in the form of a shoe, of his sheer artistic magnificence!

Manolo Blahnik shoes Manolos


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Photos: Manolo Blahnik