September 23, 2014

There’s a new beauty in town: Gucci Cosmetics!

’’For me, beauty and fashion are always connected. One doesn’t exist without the other. Make up is a key element of the Gucci runway show — it helps communicate the essence of the Gucci woman. Eyes, skin, lips — they’re like accessories, all working together to create an unmistakable look.’’ says Frida Giannini explaining the core of her ’’passion project’’: Gucci Cosmetics.

Gucci Cosmetics #beauty #makeup Charlotte Casiraghi #Gucci

Gucci Cosmetics #beauty #makeup Charlotte Casiraghi #Gucci

And every word in her statement is doubled by the work of 4 years’ worth of research and beauty identity soul-searching. Looking into the archives, Giannini wanted to hone her eye for the recurrent colours that traced Gucci’s ready to wear, accessories as well as famous female wearers history. And what emerged were the Iconic Six – gold, black, red, ottanio, bronze and copper. Then, it had to be followed by searches for the best product forms and matching technologies that would ensure modern-age wearability, balance for which legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath lent Giannini her expert knowledge.

A passion project and a work of love for it all, not 7 but 4 years later, to get wrapped up in Guccissima patterned packaging and delivered to the world. World who, by the tremendous response Gucci’s beauty line is already getting, has been waiting for it. Waiting for the strong, daring and seductive ultimate Gucci accessory.

Gucci Cosmetics #beauty #makeup Charlotte Casiraghi #Gucci

Gucci Cosmetics #beauty #makeup Charlotte Casiraghi #Gucci


Gucci Cosmetics #beauty #makeup Charlotte Casiraghi #Gucci

Gucci Face includes a glow foundation, a priming serum, a finishing powder, a glow bronzer, a perfecting concealer and a blushing powder. There also are a lightweight moisturizer, a cleansing water, a gentle toner, as well as 8 Gucci professional-results brushes.

Gucci Eyes offers eye shadows, an eye pencil, a sculpting brow pencil, a liquid liner and a volume mascara.

Gucci Lips has a total of 78 shades shared between colour-intense or moisture-intense lipsticks, lip lacquers and a lip pencil.

Gucci Nails consists of the 25 shades of the Bold High-Gloss Lacquer.

But do get a detailed view at Gucci Cosmetics.

Gucci Cosmetics are available at, for pre-order at, and, starting October, at Gucci New York Fifth Avenue, Gucci Los Angeles Rodeo Drive, Gucci Las Vegas, Crystals City Center, Gucci Dallas Northpark, Saks Fifth Avenue New York and Neiman Marcus Las Vegas.


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Photos: Gucci,, Saks Fifth Avenue