October 16, 2013

There are roses and then there is Roses de Chloé

I would have never thought there are differences among roses. Roses should always be roses. This only until the unique choreography of warm, tender and translucent Roses de Chloé. Here, the most fresh tones of rose receive accords of bergamot and magnolia, hints of musk and amber, and the mix captured inside a little bottle with a petal coloured ribbon makes you feel attractive, happy, makes you fell you’re in a daydream.

Quite poetic thoughts came rushing through my head after dropping the Chloé perfume from my bag! But I single-mindedly composed myself and, to regain my control, quickly took loving shelter into the arms of what’s becoming a habit, soon to be a reflex.

Roses de Chloé

I rushed online to see how I could give the petals more of a consistency around my fevered and teeming with Chloé desire shoulders. And, of course, I found it! It has four buttons and the colour of the sky. Did you spot it? It’s a dream, isn’t it?

Chloé Luisa Via Roma

Chloé coat, EUR 1 651 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photo source: Chloé