June 28, 2012

The Worst Fashion Trends Of All Time

Trends come and go, but some become so popular that they remain in fashion for years and years. Here are some fashion trends that are so unstylish that they deserve to be permanently erased off the face of the Earth, just like a horrible epidemic that needs to be eradicated.

Are you guilty of ever adopting any of these trends?

Saggy Pants

Initially worn by rap singers as a staple of their wardrobe, the saggy pants thing soon evolved into a full-on trend that had us wanting to gather all such pieces of clothing into a pile and then set it on fire. Meanwhile, even rappers realised that they can’t stay in fashion for long looking like they borrowed their older brothers’ clothes, and moved on to a more stylish approach of fashion. However, the saggy pants trend hasn’t been permanently “eradicated”. Pull up your pants, guys! The bottom of your jeans shouldn’t touch the backs of your knees. We’d rather see your boxers in the bedroom, not on the street. We, too, enjoy a little bit of mystery!

Bare Midriffs

(Extremely) cropped tops, which leave little to the imagination, have been around since the 1960s, had a comeback in the 1980s, when Madonna wore them, but were at the peak of their popularity in the late 90s and early 00s, when pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera showed their middle section with every occasion, be it a concert or an elegant appearance on the red carpet. This season, bustiers are once again en vogue, but thankfully, designers have found a subtler way for us ladies to show some skin: ultra-short tops are now paired with high-rise trousers or skirts, for a much more stylish effect.


Clear Bra Straps

The problem with clear bra straps is that…well…they’re not at all clear. On the contrary, instead of creating the illusion of going strapless, they do the exact opposite, by looking weird and drawing attention to you in a negative way. Besides looking cheap and randomly snapping, you’ll see that after you’ve worn them a few times, they’re anything but clear. Currently, every major brand of lingerie has a myriad options when it comes to choosing an “invisible” bra, so that you can wear that fabulous dress with the plunging neckline or that glamorous open-back top , without worrying that your bra straps are showing.

Visible Thongs

Since we’re on the subject of having one’s lingerie on display, be warned that nothing looks trashier that a tiny pair of thongs peeking out from the back of your pants. There are even girls who dare to wear their panties so high up, that they reach the height of their belly button. Even if Britney Spears and Paris Hilton continue to show us their pink string collections, there is absolutely no excuse for a stylish girl to be caught out and about with her lingerie over the waist of her pants, no matter how low-rise they may be.

Popped Collars

Popped collars first “popped up” around the 1950s and had a comeback in the 80s,portraying the “preppy” style. Currently, the popped collar is no longer associated with having good taste in clothing, but rather with the idea of “I’ve got no clue how to dress, but want to draw attention upon myself”. The daring approach to this trend is to layer several pieces of clothing of different colours and have the collars popped all at once. For the rest of us, popped collars mean nothing more that the perfect way to ruin the chic effect of a nice shirt or a polo T-shirt.

Furry Boots

The vast majority of women wear sky-high heels in order to elongate their legs, create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and that of smaller ankles. There are, however, some women which do the exact opposite. Furry boots not only thicken the appearance of your legs, but also optically cut them in half, as well as being far too stiffy and uncomfortable, making you resemble a female Yeti.

“Elegant” Tracksuits

It’s unclear to me how the idea of sportswear ever got to be associated with the idea of elegance, given that we’re  basically talking about two completely opposite registers. I’m guessing, however, that it has something to do with the beginning of the 00s, when Juicy Couture started popularising the tracksuit as a stylish outfit. And while the brand’s tracksuits continue to be super cool and incredibly comfortable, it’s best that they be reserved for visits to the gym, a session of jogging or for when you just want to relax at home. Be it in terry cloth, velour or paved with Swarovski crystals, a tracksuit has no business being paraded out on the street.

Fanny Packs

Although fanny packs have always been regarded as a fashion don’t and associated with tourists, there are still people that wear them, including a few Hollywood stars (Rihanna has been spotted a couple of times wearing fanny packs). The only question is, why would you want to resemble a tourist of a fruit vendor who needs a place to keep the change, when season after season, the world’s most famous fashion houses create the most stylish bags, that you can proudly carry on your arm?!


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