May 28, 2013

The world epidemic of violence against women seen by Lydia Cacho, one of the bravest women’s rights activists

What Lydia Cacho writes about very few others do. And the price Lydia Cacho pays for her investigations and speaking out, fortunately, very few others have to pay.

Cacho says that the true story – the one only her manages to put out – is made up of violence, a violence that normally always gets edited out. In Mexico, it is, partially, about politicians and businessmen working together to create and maintain child prostitution and paedophilia networks and pornography rings. About girls refusing to grow up, to become women, for their gained fear of being turned into sexual objects. About regions where the serial killing of women has grown into an epidemic.

And it also is about how those having the courage to expose what is going on and fight the monstrous march of things get harassed, beaten and aggressed, locked up, without having then, when everything has been proven and put into the open, a genuine right to justice.

Just the way the girls and women Lydia Cacho is, literally, fighting for, are also deprived of it. ’’But my strength comes from [the] girls and their power has become my own.’’ says Cacho. And what most amazes her is their huge capacity to retain the correct values for good and bad, right and wrong, normal and abnormal, inside a criminal world forced upon them.

What they most wish for is the right to be believed, listened to, and that of seeking justice. Justice most of all in the sense of not letting the horror of what is happening to them ever occur to others.

For more on the horrific experience and wise perspective of Lydia Cacho, read her #CHIME for justice manifesto! And for more on her immensely fulfilled and trialled life, read here. For the present and future of every girl and woman in Mexico, contribute here.

Lydia Cacho


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