May 4, 2015

The wonderful life of designer pets!

We’ve written and talked about this, and we’re going to continue doing it. Because if there would be no wonderful life, there would be no story to tell…

They lead dream lives: they have personal assistants, chauffeurs and hairstylists at their beck and call, impressive dressings and accessories to fulfil all fashionistas’ dreams combined. They have famous names in the identity cards and are very active on their own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, where they are adored by dozens of thousands of fans, likes and comments.

Lagerfeld, Jacobs, Cavalli, Herrera, Versace, Gabbana and Wang are the new trendsetters and fashion icons that make a point out of proving that after them, the world of fashion will never be the same again! I’m not talking about the well-known designers, but about their muses, some of who don’t fit the established standards of beauty of 90-60-90, even more – they are four-legged and have moist little noses.

Kitty-cats, puppies, parrots or iguanas, the world of top designer pets is just as fascinating as the world of fashion itself. Yet, unlike the fashion industry, the stories of the cute inarticulate companions (if we don’t count Roberto Cavalli’s parrots, which can be quite mouthy) are spiced up with not only creative imagination, but also lots and lots of affection!

When it comes to numbers, the leading patriarch is Valentino Garavani. His 11 pugs are the fiercest fashion army/police. And they fully deserve the stripes on their collars, because, just like their TV counterparts, the little ones are not just fiercely adorable but also fiercely critical. They bark all day long at models too little inspired looks coming to their master’s castings and are, obviously, having the final bark on the final styling.

And if this kingdom were to have a princess, there is no other fairer than Choupette Lagerfeld. Princess by birth – Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld is her very proud daddy – and princess by attitude. Proof we have to spare! From her over 35 000 Twitter and almost 12 000 Facebook followers, with 7 500 more on Instagram, where she is arduously followed by Valentino and Manolo Blahnik – the creator of SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite shoes, among many others!

Like any self-respecting model, she has started her modelling career early on, just about the time she had blown the candle on her first anniversary cake. Today, at the weighty age of two, she has a pedigree that would make even veterans Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell grow a little bit envious. Testimony are her cover shots for V, i-D, Vanity Fair, Vogue Germany and Grazia UK magazines, where she is all feline and all style, gracefully pluming out her fluffy tail. It’s not for nothing that she called herself ’’the most stylish model in the world, wearing fur whatever the season’’.

Like a genuine diva, Choupette has a driver, hairstylist and a vet available 24/24 as well as two personal assistants who, obviously, help her attend to her worldly needs. When it comes to gadgets, she is a specialists, ‘’daddy Karl’’ stating in exclusively dedicated interview in Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia that she has an iPad and knows how to use it. And she absolutely needs this many aids since Wikipedia developed a full chapter called Work for Chanel, where her contribution to the House’s haute couture collections is fully explained.

Her Facebook account introduces her as a ’’Business Person”. And there’s nothing truer! Let’s not forget about the launch of her own accessories capsule collection. A global affair, the collection being available online and in the Karl Lagerfeld Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Beijing stores, as well as other more exotic destinations. The millions of euros business comprising bags, phone cases, key rings, scarves, caps, gloves reached even the EUR 500 mark in prices. It shouldn’t surprise us if Choupette will be astutely and sweetly smiling from the cover of the Forbes Top 300 this year.

Not even the month of December was any kinder to her schedule. With the next collections almost due and after a year 2013 full of catwalk successes, fashion magazines covers and media frenzies, Choupette could have purred and rested all cat-like on her laurels and allow herself an end of the year like, after all, she deserves. But no! Next to all-day-long sleeping, purring with satisfaction, hours upon hours dedicated to body and soul with fixed hours gourmet meals and having her fur brushed twice a day, the savvy feline didn’t set aside her PR duties. She wanted to let us know that – the much less famous – Kristen Stewart will be starring in the future Chanel campaigns and, of course, to manage all communication on her multiple commitments within the industry as well as keep up her constant contact with the fans. For example – I wonder if 10 tweets a day are enough? – to never leave them without some style advice. A divisive word on a competing label here, some praise for Victoria Beckham there, an appraisal of ,,human’’ females unlike true (feline) ones or a (non-opposable) thumb up for the only human she could be BFF with, Sarah Jessica Parker and a resounding thumb down to her archenemy Minnie Mouse.

Yet just like in any fashion world story, intrigue is something we’re never short of… As, talented and restless, they are the salt and pepper of stories from an ultra competitive world!

It might be that nothing is more important to Choupette than her own fur and no one as dear as Karl, but Neville Jacobs, the pup no. 1 on planet fashion, does give her chills. And it might be not just in anger! If only they didn’t come from so different worlds, of so different species…

Bold Neville is just as street savvy in rough New York City as he likes to explore his more artistic side. A side that Marc Jacobs and model after model have all fallen for at countless studio, shooting and odd fashion event appearances he’s made a splash at.

And I have a feeling that delicate Choupette isn’t all that oblivious of his American charm as some might have it! Even more so as a possible union of their two empires would have Neville’s own 25 000 followers coming suit, and Christmas they would have spent on an exotic beach, as seen on handsome Neville’s Instagram account. Maybe it’s just an environment a little bit too un-septic and un-refined for Choupette. If only they didn’t belong to fashion worlds apart…

Meanwhile, some of the other contenders to the top crown have discretely and efficiently done their work! Audrey Versace, for instance, already has her own throne. Or maybe more than one, depending on the accessories she’s wearing…

Not even Donna Karan’s dog is all that modest. And why should he be? Only equal rights with a top designer can really satisfy him!

And what about Carolina Herrera? One of her dogs is in all family portraits, while little poodle Gaspar has already been immortalised in an original Herrera print and had his share of Bergdorf Goodman glory!

And Mimmo Gabbana… Mimmo Gabbana code name Mimmo The Dog, is in his first years of life, at his very first collections to be seen in Stefano and Domenico’s atelier and, for now, at his very first 5 000 Instagram fans.

Vera Wang, next to Cooper, Sam, Lucy, Lola and Frankie is also having a go at the place so far held by Valentino and his 11. It’s a wild wild world!

And it really was time for someone to be able to set things straight in this dizzying whirl of talent, affection, ego and pampering! Roberto Cavalli and Lupo are on call!


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