June 12, 2013

Embrace The Summer’s Hottest Trend – The White Dress – Without Looking Wedding-y


White can prove to be quite a difficult colour to pull off – first you need to find the right shade of white to match our skin tone, then you have to make sure you choose a quality fabric, so that you don’t have surprises later on, such as unwanted transparency, and, most of all, when it comes to a dress, wearing white means you have to be careful with your styling, so that you don’t end up looking like you’re about to go get married. Follow these simple style tricks and embrace the summer’s hottest, most feminine and sensual trend: the white dress.

>> Break the monochrome look of your dress with colourful accessories. A statement necklace, a few cocktail rings or a pair of oversize sunglasses will instantly turn you into a goddess.

>> Avoid white lace dresses, which can look a bit wedding-y. If you crave texture, go for a white translucid print instead of lace, for an absolutely stunning effect.

>> If you want a long white evening gown, avoid looking like a bride by choosing a structured style with architectural lines. You will look just like a diva on the red carpet.

>> Don’t shy away from fluid silhouettes though. Try a white chiffon or silk veil gown and be prepared to feel just like a fairytale princess. Accessorize it with a belt, to break up the head-to-toe all white effect.

>> Plunging necklines, in the front or at the back, as well as cutouts that reveal flirty glimpses of your abdomen, back or legs, guarantee a sensual appearance, all the while ensuring that you don’t end up looking like you’re about to walk down the aisle.

>> Paired with a maxi white dress, massive metallic accessories, such a gold belt and an oversize necklace with multiple chain strands, for instance, will make you look nothing like a bride, providing instead, the perfect outfit for a summer night’s party.

>> Accessorize a white maxi dress with a leather jacket to balance out its sweetness with a touch of rough allure, and pair your white mini dress with a denim jacket, for a super cool summer look.

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Photo courtesy of: toujoursenvogue.com