February 19, 2014

The Virgin Suicides reinterpreted by Frankie Morello, at Milan Fashion Week

Porcelain purity and the appearance of simplicity always hide something more profound. In the fall-winter 2014/2015 Frankie Morello collection, it is original juxtapositions of shapes, materials, textures and concepts, as well as direct hints to Sofia Copolla’s The Virgin Suicides.

Frankie Morello fall winter 2014 2015 #MFW MFW #FW14 #frankiemorello

The couple of Italian designers behind Frankie Morello have put together a multidimensional collection, both figuratively and literally. Versatile shirts, readily convertible into sole pieces and even dresses, shying from behind topping layers of asymmetrical, varying lengths and shapes lending volume and a possibly subversive innocence to fine fabrics and an immaculate colour palette.

The full Frankie Morello FW14 fashion show…


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Photos: blog.fashiondistrict.it, Frankie Morello