February 29, 2012

The vintage dolls inspire Louis Vuitton’s shoe designer

Louis Vuitton invites us into the fairy tale world of Fabrizio Viti, the designer responsible for the brand’s gorgeous footwear.

Photography, 60’s French movies, art and fashion books, are only a few of the sources of inspiration of the creative director for the Louis Vuitton footwear. But his eternal muses have always been the glamour vintage dolls he has been collecting since the age of three. Now, he owns over 500.

The dolls are effectively inspiring Fabrizio and many times they helped him visualize his LV collection. Most of the times he either makes small scale designs especially for them which he later turns into human size items, or he adjusts his Louis Vuitton designs to fit his dolls.

The shoes of the 2012 spring/summer collection bear the names of famous French boulevards and markets. Silk high shoes, ballerinas, delicate sandals and chic platforms retrieve the elegance the brand is known for and, owing to their cozy design, they seem to invite you for a walk down the paved streets of the “City of Love”.