September 3, 2013

The Venice Festival, Mostra di Venezia, The Venice Extravaganza!

Sandra Bullock Venice Film Festival 2013

I wonder if it’s a purely feminine instinct to not think twice before, from the Venice Film Festival’s cinematographic tenure and magical aura, going directly for the glamour, fame and glory.

I share with you my doubts, as I managed to go back and forth between years, even decades, and imagine a, praise worthy nonetheless, short film with me starring in my top childhood fantasy episodes. In a red silk gown, gracefully signing autographs for the luckiest among my fans (Sandra Bullock, 2013), posing for the scores of photographers that are to send my pictures to the four corners of the world (Brigitte Bardot, 1958), winning the Coppa Volpi for Best Actress (Sophia Loren, 1958) – oh, no no no, this I was already dreaming within the dream – making the most of Venice (Gina Lollobrigida, 1956) and of Paul Newman’s arrival at the Festival (1963), as at the Excelsior they used to have balls (1934), didn’t you know?

Brigitte Bardot Venice Film Festival 1958Sophia Loren Venice Film Festival 1958

Gina Lollobrigida Venice Film Festival 1956Paul Newman Venice Film Festival 1963

Excelsior Venice Film Festival

It could be worrying, don’t you think? Still, to better my chances for a cure I’ve set my mind on buying tickets for the next edition as soon as possible. And to be earnest about my therapy, I’ve already started thorough preparations – fashion therapy, of course, as it also serves to find justification behind another feminine soft spot – and chosen a pair of earrings around maybe even master Cavalli might help me come up with a look worthy of the Festival’s archives!

Roberto Cavalli Swarovski earrings

Roberto Cavalli Swarovski earrings, EUR 869, at Luisa Via Roma


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Photo sources: Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica la Biennale di Venezia, Luisa Via Roma