May 15, 2011

“The Tourist” in Venice

Every time I go to Venice I find it even more enchanting.

After seeing “The Tourist”, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, I booked a room at Danieli Hotel and came to Venice with huge aplomb.
Although you kind of wait till the end of the movie for something to happen, the good part is that it was shot in one of the most charming places on earth.

“The Tourist” is just like an extended ad for Venice. A pretty convincing one. It worked for me. Made me pack and chose even the same place where a considerable part of the movie was shot: Danieli Hotel.
Having an excellent location just next to Piazza San Marco, needless to mention the breathtaking view over the Gand Canal, Danieli looks like a palace but staying there doesn’t feel like in a palace.

Danieli pretends it’s a 5 stars hotel, but their personnel is not that attentive or professional. I guess they just got too much credit with the film and it’s a pity because the building itself is a real treasure.

But Venice has lots of treasures to discover. From the rich cultural heritage highlighted by the splendid architecture and miraculous construction techniques to the relaxing cafes and the glittering Murano glass souvenirs. Everything packed with the gondoliers’ romantic songs.

Rialto bridge

Museo di Storia Naturale

Pierre Cardin’s ad was everywhere. The same for Trussardi, celebrating 100 years of excellence.

Danieli hotel – red building

Danieli gorgeous lobby

Enjoying a wonderful view while having breakfast – still not 100% awake.

I’ve heard it brings you good luck if you meet with a bride on your way 😉 Well, I saw three in one day.
I just love being superstitious when it’s convenient. 🙂

Florian Caffe has the best desert in Venice. Try to avoid it if you don’t want to end up trying four cakes.
I know somebody who couldn’t help it. 🙂

Murano figurines. Wanted to take that green little fellow with me home, but I couldn’t find a proper space for him.

I proposed myself to buy a mask every time I go to Venice hoping for lots of mysterious parties.
Since then I’ve been invited just to one masked party. And that one was in Paris, hosted by Marie Claire magazine. Of course my masks were at home, in Bucharest and I missed the party, as I couldn’t find a mask in time.
Now i’ve decided just to immortalize them. I realized that I have enough supply at home for the next ten years of Carnaval.

Plastic masks.

Ceramic masks.

Flour & water masks. Yummy!

At night – surprise, surprise! An unexpected flood in San Marco ruined my newest silky shoes. UHH! :((

These guys seem to not care.