May 16, 2013

The top job for women in the US? Secretary. And it’s not about the ‘60s

administrative jobs

! in the United States, 4 million employees fall into the ’’secretaries and administrative assistants’’ category, 96% of them being women, and it is the most common job for American women

! in the ’50s, the total was of 1.7 million, the title ’’stenographers, typists or secretaries’’ and it is was the most common job for American women

! the Labour Department forecasts that by 2020 to the current values a further approx 500 000 such jobs are to add up, and that ’’data processing’’ will continue being the most common job for American women

Even if the new revolutions and technological waves have reshaped the way we work, they have always also meant a dramatic increase in the dimensions of the world we live in and proportional hikes of sheer volumes of work. Administrative work has never lost any of its relevance.

From as early as the ’70s, 9to5 started as an initiative of a group of secretaries at Harvard University. A union of women working in the field and having fought, over the decades, for a right to a written job description, overtime compensation, regular salary reviews and, of course, the removing of male/female salary disparities.

Today, even if for every man in a secretarial job there are 20 women with the same position, salary differences continue to exist.

For more information, visit Winning Justice for Working Women.


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