February 20, 2013

The Tommy Hilfiger collections, for the daily extraordinary

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is larger than life, and we need no facts to prove it. We can only mention a few of the latest great small happenings in the life of Tommy Hilfiger the man and the trajectory of Tommy Hilfiger the brand.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles has recently seen the launch of the second Tommy Hilfiger flagship store, celebrating the designer’s love for the city and Hollywood’s passion for Tommy Hilfiger. And the celebrations were just the way celebrities like them. Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore fashion affectionately held Hilfiger’s arm, while Alicia Keys, spontaneously, sang to the event.

Now the lives of Tommy Hilfiger and the VIPs are back to the daily larger than life. But the spring, summer and fall Tommy Hilfiger collections are bound to bring them back together each and every day – be it yachting, in Cape Town or on a trip to India.

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Photo source: Tommy Hilfiger