March 21, 2013

The Skincare Alphabet


Few are the ones who were born blessed with a nearly perfect complexion that naturally shines and doesn’t need any touch-ups. For the rest of us, there’s now an entire arsenal of beauty products with the help of which, we can create the illusion of perfect skin.

How it all began: BB creams (an acronym for Beauty Balm or, in some cases, Blemish Balm), have become in the last few years, so popular, that foundation bottles have slowly started to gain dust in the backs of our beauty cabinets. With its fluid texture and its light consistency, a BB cream successfully incorporates the benefits of a moisturiser with the coverage of a foundation.

The present: CC creams (an acronym for Colour Corrector of Coverage Control) are taking everything to the next level, offering a higher coverage power than BB creams, all the while maintaining the fluid texture and light consistency that looks natural on any type of complexion. Other benefits include a primer function, sun protection, as well as anti aging ingredients. Some CC creams may even have up to 12 different benefits, making them a must-have in your beauty case.

 cc chanel

The future: DD creams are believed to be the future of the skincare industry. Although only yet released in the UK, DD creams (Daily Defence) are already creating buzz all over the world. Their target isn’t however, your complexion, as you may have been inclined to think, but the rest of the body. Using aloe extracts and a cocktail of vitamins, DD creams promise to hydrate, correct, protect and rejuvenate skin from all over your body. They also claim to hide imperfections such as stretch marks and hide scars.

P.S.: The same multi-tasking care is now also available for your hair! Pantene Pro-V has just released the first Ultimate 10 BB Cream for hair, which offers benefits such as frizz control, heat protection, ease of styling, hydration, repair as well as shine, all just for the cost of $6.29 a bottle!

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