May 15, 2013

The Sergio Rossi Shoe Summer Mix

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Looking for inspiration for this warm season’s most sensational shoes, I almost instantly traced my way to Sergio Rossi. Following the yellow brick road, a shoeless Dorothy, I reached the Wizard of Oz patron over the most wonderfully varied shoes I have ever seen. I’ve twisted the story, I know, and quite badly as well, I’ll admit. The road was yellow rather from the wizard’s shinny polished golden shoes, and my bare feet were so because even wearing the magical shoes of little Dorothy, when compared with the uplifting – of the brain, heart and courage – high heel Sergio Rossi sandals, how else could I name myself to be? Somewhere, over the rainbow…

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Turn into a modern urban Dorothy with shoes directly from Sergio Rossi, at SHOESCRIBE or STYLEBOP.


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Photo source: Sergio Rossi