July 31, 2013

The SALE!!! Summery Summer Mix

Yoox summer sale

Summer sales can be among the most fun times of the year! How so? Well, you can find the most craved after little dresses and skirts of the barely halfway through season for less than half the price! A not so shy smile has already livened up my face. And what took it straight to full blown jolly times was the immersion itself. The plunge into summer’s delights.

I went online at Yoox, my favourite Italian high fashion retailer, then on to the Special Selection section, plentiful with the hottest trendiest items of the moment, all for just about 30% of their initial price, or up to 70% off, depending on how you’re more likely to enjoy the bright side of the… shopping bag.

And I then got on with making up outfits starting off from the most tempting among the tempting wonderful accessories and clothes that happened to cross my way. For instance, for my favourite look – now only delivery days away – I casually first picked a dazzling Roberto Cavalli metallic belt, then looked for a dress loud with summer, for only to reach my first pitfall – being unable to choose between two pairs of Marc Jacobs and Armani  sandals and ending up with a three – before going for an adorable and generous Pucci handbag to accommodate my spare pairs of sandals and topping it all with a fantastic pair of Gucci shades!

It sure was a fun wild ride and when my package will be ringing at the door – just 4-7 days from just now – my surprise of choice is sure to make my summer sales even happier! How about you? Already off shopping?

Gucci sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses, now EUR 85

See by Chloé dress

See by Chloé dress, now EUR 98

Roberto Cavalli belt

Roberto Cavalli belt, now EUR 285

Emilio Pucci handbag

Emilio Pucci handbag, now EUR 1 150

Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals

Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals, now EUR 115

Emporio Armani sandals

Emporio Armani sandals, now EUR 69

Studio Pollini sandals

Studio Pollini sandals, now EUR 98


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Photo source: Yoox