February 19, 2016

The right necklace for the right neckline

How many times have you spent minutes on end in front of the mirror, not knowing whether to accessorize your outfit with a necklace or not? And the trouble multiplies – and so do the minutes spent pondering – when, inevitably, a new set of questions comes along: what type of necklace, how big should it be, how colourful, and, most of all, what is the shape to go for when the outfit has a crew neck, a V neck, a square neckline or even a turtleneck…

Well, the time has come for all doubts to be laid to rest, especially since it’s always important to bear in mind that the neckline is the one that will ultimately dictate the type of necklace to choose.

The secret lies in striking a balance of proportions between the necklace and the neckline, but also being mindful of the way the jewelry cuts through the line of the latter.


JANINA: Turtlenecks look beautiful paired with nothing more than earrings. But if, despite this, you really want to wear a necklace, the best option would be a Rope – a type of necklace with a length of over 90 cm, reaching all the way down to the abdomen.

This model has actually been made popular by Coco Chanel. It can have more than one string, or a single one – usually made out of pearls – that can also be worn with a knot. Some among these necklaces can also be unfastened to be turned, by wrapping it 3 times around the neck, into a Chocker necklace.

JANINA: The modern take on the Rope, and my favourite, is the one with loose ends. It looks more stylish and sophisticated, but be careful not to lose it.

neckline necklace tips


If with respect to turtlenecks things are pretty straightforward, as far as deeper necklines go, choosing becomes increasingly complicated.

JANINA: A crew neck is best highlighted by a necklace that resembles a collar.

A really good option is a Bib necklace.

JANINA: The Bib is made out of a weaving of stones or metallic pieces set onto a frame made out of metal or another rigid material. Most statement necklaces are Bib necklaces.

neckline necklace tips


Also, you shouldn’t come to believe that neck-revealing tops go with any type of necklace.

JANINA: Strapless or sleeveless outfits look splendid with a Choker. It’s that type of necklace that is set tight around the neck, referencing back to the Victorian era and looking like they’re on the verge of actually choking the one wearing them.

It’s an extremely versatile model and has been riding the trend for several years now, especially since it’s able to complement a wide variety of necklines, from the round to the V shaped, going as far as the strapless.

JANINA: A variation of the Choker is the Celtic origin Torque necklace. It is just as rigid and worn tight around the neck, the only difference being that the Torque is open – be it on the front or on the back. Still, for this type of neckline, a pair of long earrings would work just as well as a Choker necklace.

neckline necklace tips

A square neckline looks excellent with an angular necklace, balancing out the angles of the top with those of the jewelry.

JANINA: To an asymmetrical neckline or dropped shoulder top or dress, I wouldn’t associate any necklace whatsoever. It’s the very asymmetry of such a top that lends it its style twist, and a neckline wouldn’t do anything but throw off the lines of a design already meant to work on its own, with no accessories added. So, a pair of large earrings would work much better than a necklace.

The bateau neckline should ideally be worn without a necklace.

JANINA: A necklace wouldn’t do but in-esthetically cut the line of such a neckline. An exception would be a Chocker necklace, but this should only be paired with this type of neckline by people with a long, slender neck. Women who are petite or having a less fine neck should better keep away, since it could create the illusion of a double chin.

On the other hand, those petite and those with a generous cleavage should best pick a graphic neckline with a piece of jewelry keeping in line with its style.

JANINA: Halter necks look wonderful with similarly elongated jewelry.

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A deep V neckline is going to be beautifully highlighted by a long necklace. Ideal, and also in for a couple of seasons, are body chains.

They accessorize both the cleavage and the waist and can be donned with tops, dresses and bathing suits. Also, when being worn with dresses, the sensuality they provide is very much enhanced by their slenderness. By barely being able to tell where they start and where they end, body chains can work miracles for the imagination.

neckline necklace tips

JANINA: A related necklace is the Lavalier – a Y-shaped necklace (similar to religious necklaces), with one or more pendants.

neckline necklace tips

Matinee necklaces, of about 55 cm in length, are perfect for layering the line of a wrapped cleavage.

neckline necklace tips


JANINA: If you’re wearing a collared shirt, first and foremost you should stay away from Rope necklaces. Why? Because they run against the vertical line of the buttons, drawing attention to the very area designers wish to make as inconspicuous as possible.

Much more appropriate are neck-hugging necklaces, Chokers, Twist or Princess type (45 cm) necklaces, which are all very elegant and provide a much better framing for the face.

Also, in the case of shirts, the fabric they are made of is decisive for how we are going to wear these types of necklaces.

JANINA: If the collar is soft, the weight of the jewelry is going to in-esthetically draw on the material. So, you should wear the jewel beneath the shirt, leaving a few buttons unfastened. If, on the other hand, the collar is rather rigid, the necklace can be also worn on the outside.

neckline necklace tips



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