April 3, 2013

The resurrecting of glorious brands long since forsaken, maybe the most noble of fashion enterprises


Patiently waiting for its turn, after Vionnet and Roger Vivier, Mainbocher, the fashion house with American glamour and French refinement, is expected to rise from the ashes in early 2014. Even after 43 years of absence, the creative genius of Main Rousseau Bocher is powerful enough, and his influence on fashion so strong and resilient, that expectations are running high.

Mainbocher, in its days of glory, used to complement the socialite tastes of Wallis Simpson, the aesthetic sense of Diana Vreeland and the need for Hollywood glamour of Lauren Bacall.


Understated and pure glamour is what Main Bocher used to create through his haute couture gowns, and the reinventing of what would become the modern corset and the bold for its time pioneering of the rediscovery of the feminine shape have placed him among the titans – Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.

Today, this prestige takes, for the connoisseurs, the form of an immense anticipation before the reintroduction of Mainbocher into the fashion world of the 2010s. And for businessman Arnaud de Lummen, the father of the future contemporary Mainbocher, another story to be retold and new clients to be conquered.



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Photo source: Mainbocher