March 12, 2014

The opening of the biggest Cavalli store, a more than 5 star evening

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Roberto Cavalli, Milan Fasion Week, Store Party

The Roberto Cavalli universe just got bigger, during the latest Milan Fashion Week. And we know brighter was impossible…

Starting last month, if you want to learn the unbelievable life trajectory of a designer of global renown, read Just Me by Roberto Cavalli, if you want to witness the formidable fusion of fire and ice resulting in high fashion, watch Roberto Cavalli fall-winter 2014/2015, and if you want to buy exquisite cocktail dresses, accessories or maybe a tie for him, go to the world’s biggest Cavalli store, at 6 Via Montenapoleone, Milan.

And you’ll find not only spectacular decors – animal prints, mother-of-pearl and a 15-meter digital video wall – but also 5 floors displaying all of the designer’s collections, next to that so distinct Cavalli styling you can feel through your skin.

The super glam event was more than a 7 Stars Party, packed with world wide fashion editors and Italian high society.
Roberto Cavalli as wonderful as ever, send me a divinely beautiful dress!  He definitely masters better than no other the art of complimenting a woman’s body! Yes, Roberto Cavalli is for sure the Deity of Red Carpet !!!

The wonderful Roberto Cavalli Store Opening Party in Milan was definitely the epic moment of MilanoFashionWeek!
Situated in the epicenter of the high-end fashion shopping area – Via Montenapoleone, Nr.6 – the RobertoCavalli boutique is the biggest and most impressive in the world!!! It has 5 floors and it hosts the whole CavalliWorld, giving you a lifetime experience. ♥

I highly recommend you to visit it on the first occasion!

Janina Nectara and Roberto Cavalli at the Store Opening Party In Milan

Roberto Cavalli and Janina Nectara

Roberto Cavalli Milan store Via Montenapoleone

Roberto Cavalli - Boutique Opening - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Eva and Roberto Cavalli

Irina-Shayk--Roberto-Cavalli-Boutique-Opening-in-Milan--16-720x1080Irina Shayk

Janina Nectara

Janina Nectara

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Roberto Cavalli, Milan Fasion Week, Party

Janina Nectara

A smile designed by Roberto Cavalli
Why? Because he doesn’t design only breath-taking dresses… His dresses always come with a smile included!
Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Roberto Cavalli, Milan Fasion Week, Store Party

Janina Nectara


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Photos: Roberto Cavalli, Getty Images