February 13, 2013

The NYFW Ralph Lauren catwalk, a matter of business

Ralph Lauren

The business press has been recently given its stamp of approval to the stock exchange validated new lease of life Ralph Lauren is in the meritory position to enjoy, after a less than expected 2012. The data coming out of the company has been showing solid demand from the Americas and even Europe, as well as an upbeat dynamic performance by the business’ e-commerce dimension. Its profit margin improvement as well as the rest of the aggregated numbers coming to join plans to expand the Ralph Lauren stores presence towards China, have all received stock-boosting reactions from investors.

Lauren has been included by Bloomberg among its game changers elite of visionaries, while the house’s spring 2013 collection was as spectacular as ever. Prospects are positive. It probably remains to be seen to what extent the impeccable Lauren style continues to be the style of fashion buyers. Tomorrow, at the New York Fashion Week, we will be enjoying the fall 2013 Ralph Lauren catwalk show. And it should be interesting to appreciate if Lauren has chosen to ride the trend of be the one to make it.


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Photo sources: Ralph Lauren, glamourboysinc.com