November 14, 2013

The new Miu Miu biker bags. Sweet’n mean!

Miu Miu resort 2014 biker bag

Did you get that motorcycle you’re craving about yet? How about meeting the biker of your dreams? I assume not, and it might well be that this à la Top Gun dream with Take my breath away and Tom Cruise might not even be among the fantasies of the independent and environmentally conscious women that we are… but I’m missing my point! What I wanted to say was that to balance out our I know who I am and I know what I want part of our personalities with a little something called… wildness, we have the new biker bags from Miu Miu! The idea, colours and zips of a mean mean mean leather jacket miniaturised into variably mean options – mean and sweet, mean and bold, mean and cool… in stores starting this November!

Miu Miu biker bagMiu Miu biker bagMiu Miu biker bag


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Photos: Miu Miu