September 18, 2015

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC, GLE and GLE Coupé models – The Best or Nothing!

They say strong essences are kept in small bottles. And still, just like any generalization, this axiom does have its limits.

The Romanian launch event that Ţiriac Auto put together for three new Mercedes-Benz models – the GLC, the GLE and the GLE Coupé – stands as a perfect example of this.

The first reasoning point is the excellence that defines Ţiriac Auto – the holder of the most extensive network of dealerships and service stations in the country and the distributer of high class auto brands making up the vastest manufacturers portfolio in Romania (Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Ford and Hyundai).

Mercedes-Benz’s performance, that of probably the most recognizable and most prestigious automaker in the world, adds a new layer of substantiation, one in need of no explaining or detailing at all.


Premiering in Romania, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, GLE and GLE Coupé SUV models have been presented over a festive evening. An event that stood on an underpinning of  ’’exceptional’’. Or, maybe, to tap into the motto of Mercedes-Benz, ’’The best or nothing.’’!

Those attending the event, fine connoisseurs of the top parameters and reliability of a Mercedes-Benz, have been updated on the technological and stylistic upgrades of the German producer’s new models.

What they got in return for their presence was, still, not a mere series of technical data that underscore the performance and competitiveness of these models, but emotion as well. More precisely, in the form of the personal link and experiences that three different personalities, with three different careers have developed with their compatible Mercedes-Benz model.


Loredana Groza, Bogdan Stelea and I, all had the honour of launching the new Mercedes-Benz SUVs: GLE, GLE Coupé and GLC, during an exclusivistic Ţiriac Auto event underpinned throughout by presenter Amalia Enache’s grace.

The presentation was started by Bogdan Stelea. The model ideal for his profile – that of the dynamic and athletic driver – is GLE Coupé. And the former international goalkeeper expanded on the agility, sturdiness and flexibility that the GLE Coupé is able to prove under total control and safety.


The Mercedes-Benz GLC, my choice, plays equally into technology as it does in design. And, being a Mercedes-Benz, in order to measure up to the technical standards of the car, its stylistic lines could be no less than visionary. The exact balance – and, here, the car’s look speaks for itself – reached by the new GLC is bordering on the concepts of classic elegance and sophistication enhanced by opulent design elements visible first and foremost in its interior.



Loredana Groza’s model, the Mercedes-Benz GLE, brings a clear push of character to the auto experience, as the artist explained. Confidence, sparkle, even sensuality were some of the words used to describe Loredana’s relationship with her car.

Janina Nectara Mercedes-Benz Tiriac Auto Driving Avec Passion

The way Mercedes-Benz has always been a supporter and partner of the elite, the new SUVs are also ready (as they have been especially conceived so) to conquer the world by your side, to help you reach the top!





















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