September 5, 2013

The most spectacular panorama in Milan, now at 360°, online!

Gucci Brera Milan Google Maps

Gucci Brera Milan Google Maps

Call me romantic, but I just love it when all ends well! And romantic I am, and also the happy endings that have my heart teaming with joy are not just storybook fantasies, but reality as well!

For instance, when tradition is celebrated through the opening of a store like a genuine architectural image of a history of excellence. When the store’s opening is coupled with the launch of a collection able to capture the very essence of creation. And when it all is then topped with a premiere!

The keys to my riddle? Gucci, its flagship store in Milan’s Brera, the Made to Measure Lapo’s Wardrobe collection and the opening of the boutique’s doors to online visitors, via Google Maps!

Now, the 360° vision walk through every nook and cranny of its three floors of exceptional Gucci has me amazed beyond belief! But what would surely leave me speechless would be a panoramic view of the new Margot! A true romantic, don’t you think?

Gucci Margot

Margot, the new fetish shoe from Gucci, EUR 580


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Photo sources: Gucci,