April 25, 2013

The Most Sensational Beauty Tips, Stolen From The Backstage Of Fashion Week

In the backstages of Fashion Week shows, makeup artists and hair stylists use some of the most ingenious methods to obtain sensational looks. Steals a few of their secrets, right here:


>> For a natural effect and a glowing skin, Gucci Westman, artistic director for Revlon, suggests that instead of layering products that form the base of the makeup, you can try mixing a drop of foundation with a drop of moisturiser and a drop of illuminator, and then applying it to your skin for a perfect result.

>> If you don’t particularly like the look of freshly-washed hair and want to go for a more textured version, Guido Palau, creative consultant for haircare brand Redken, suggests spraying your roots with dry shampoo and then blow-dry using a round brush.

>> Achieve extra-luminousity and make your lips appear bigger and more sensual by applying a drop of illuminating concealer, such as YSL Touche Éclat, around your lips, suggests makeup artist Natasha Severino.


>> For an ultra-natural rosy cheek effect, MAC makeup artist Lucia Pieroni suggests replacing blush with lipstick. For a perfect result, mix two different lipstick shades and blend them well into your cheeks.

>> To achieve maximum lash volume, Gina Brooks, artistic director of Hourglass Cosmetics and go-to makeup artist for stars like Madonna, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Campbell, suggests turning your head to the side and looking in the mirror with just the corner of your eye, This way, instead of tugging your lashes upward, you’ll be tugging to the outer side, resulting in extra volume and density.

>> For the perfect lip contour, MAC makeup artist Lisa Butler suggests applying a lip liner that is a shade darker than your natural lip tone, in three essential sports: the middle of the outer edge of your bottom lip, the sides, and the V-shape of your upper lip. Don’t forget to subtly blend it in before applying lipstick, in order to achieve a natural-looking effect.

>> Transform an intense lipstick in a daytime version by dabbing your lips with a wet wipe, instead of a dry one, after applying the product. It will create a subtler effect as well as moisturising your lips, advises celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath.

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Photos courtesy of: standard.co.uk, zimbio.com, makeupartistbackstage.com