November 14, 2012

The Most Common Style Mistakes And How To Avoid Them (II)

To make sure that you always stay stylish, Fashion avec Passion is showing you some of the most common style mistakes, that you possibly make without even noticing, and how to stay away from such fashion faux pas:

Don’t waste your money on fakes

Whether we’re talking purses, shoes, clothes or jewelry, fake designer pieces not only show bad taste, but are also a bad investment, due to their low quality. Don’t waste your money on something that is bound to brake until next season. Invest in a truly valuable piece which, even if it’s more expensive, will definitely be worth the splurge.

Remember that shoes are very important for an outfit

You’re wasting your time for nothing if each morning you put a lot of thought into how your clothes look, but neglect the shoes. Be careful when selecting your footwear: pay attention to the time of day (no sky-high heels at 8 in the morning), the place (no stilettos at a picnic, for instance) and the ensemble of your outfit. Also, don’t wear a single favourite pair of shoes until they’re all scuffed up. Try wearing your shoes in rotation to prevent this and throw them away as soon as they start looking worn and damaged, no matter how much you love them.

Accessorise your outfit

An outfit lacking accessories can be very monotonous and will definitely not make an impression on anyone. Accessorise your look with a few pieces of jewelry, a chic purse and maybe even a scarf and you’ll notice that your entire outfit will immediately pop out from the crowd.

Choose outfits appropriate for your age

A look that is too rigid, worn by a very young person, or an excessively daring look worn by someone over the age of 35 can end up looking absolutely ridiculous. This doesn’t mean that you should forgo blazers while you’re in your twenties and bid farewell to short skirts after you’ve turned 30. By all means, no! All you need to do is adapt your style as you age and you’ll look fabulous no matter how old you are.

Choose the right purse

Don’t ever choose an oversize bag if you’re petite, unless you want to end up looking like you’re carrying around a bag of potatoes. Also, forgo the big purses when it comes to eveningwear, and go instead for a stylish clutch.

Adapt your outfit to the time of day and the event you’re about to attend

Don’t wear your office outfit to a night out, when you can very easily adapt it without even having to change clothes. A simple white shirt, for instance, can be transformed into a perfect party look by adding a few statement accessories, such as a necklace or a pair of oversize earrings.

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