November 13, 2012

The Most Common Style Mistakes And How To Avoid Them (I)

To make sure that you always stay stylish, Fashion avec Passion is showing you some of the most common style mistakes, that you possibly make without even noticing, and how to stay away from such fashion faux pas:

Choose the right size

Even if you’ve fallen in love with that dress, that pair of trousers or that fabulous top, if it’s not your size, don’t buy it. Also, don’t squeeze yourself into a smaller size just to feel skinnier and don’t drown yourself into an extra large size just to cover up those few extra pounds.

Choose the right size for your lingerie

Choosing the right size does not only apply for clothes, but for lingerie as well. A bra that is too large and has some extra space left in the cups, or one that is too tight and presses on your chest will most definitely be visible through any outfit, no matter how stylish. Same goes for panties that are too large or too tight.

Choose the right colour for your lingerie

To camouflage lingerie when you’re wearing something tight, choose a nude bra and panty that best matches your skin tone. Ideally, those would be seamless, so they don’t show through at all. Don’t ever pair coloured or embroided lingerie with skintight and/or see-through clothes.

Choose one or two trends and focus on them

To avoid becoming a fashion victim, don’t ever try to follow too many trends in one outfit. Choose one or two of the IT trends of the season and highlight them by maintaining the rest of your outfit clean and simple.

Don’t try to perfectly recreate a look from a magazine

Use your imagination to create your own signature style. Let yourself be inspired by magazine spreads and runway shows, but never try to perfectly recreate a look that you see on a model.

Don’t dress from head to toe in the same label

Be creative and build your outfit with pieces from different sources, be it designer items, retailer pieces or even vintage ones. A head to toe designer outfit can be boring and can make you look like a fashion victim.

Don’t get stuck with the same style

Choose your style according to the time of day and occasion. Even if you like dressing in a glamorous tone, for instance, this is not appropriate for early mornings or for the office. Match your outfit to the event you’re about to attend and incorporate a bit of your signature style through a single clothing piece or accessory.

Don’t buy only items that you like, but cannot mix to form new outfits

When shopping, use your head. Choose pieces that can be paired with ones you already own and invest in key-pieces which you’ll be wearing next season as well. Don’t rush to buy every IT item of a certain season, just to throw them away the next because they’re already out of fashion.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out more about the most common style mistakes and how to avoid them!

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