June 4, 2013

The (literally) summer collection, or outdoor fashion


Summer is all about outdoors and the great outdoor. And if you sometimes also feel the urge that all possible activity – from reading to meeting up with friends – transferred to the park and each weekend turned into a holiday are just not enough, we can together switch perspective.

Go to a leisure specialist – how fantastic does it sound? – like Timberland and get inspired for new and more outdoor activities from the laidback and joyful clothing and accessories they’ve created.

[nggallery id=455]

My love for the sea has just been cast further into deeper water, and I need to find a friend of a friend with a yacht, or at the very least, a small boat. And going out driving might not only be testing the surroundings, but a road trip to all of the places I’ve always dreamt about and needs to be taken on before an impossible number of destinations starts accumulating. Even more, for sake of the cute accessories, I’m even considering that I might someday soon go fishing.

But what I will definitely do is adopt into my every day wardrobe at least a pair of beach-picnic-park sandals to have me ready for absolutely any unforeseen and exhilarating invitation.



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Photo source: Timberland