June 19, 2013

The Jason Wu Summer Mix

Jason Wu summer 2013

The women so beautiful and the clothes so sexy-chic on Jason Wu’s catwalk have managed the remarkable. They got me wishing I was a model!

Forgotten are my lacking 20 centimetres of height or any kind of stage fright. As I most definitely am head over heels for every second skin bodysuit, each high waisted shorts and each and every leather corset sensually gripped in a draped fabric embrace.

I have to at least choose the sheerest top and most daring of shorts, match them with a bold red lipstick and prove to myself that Jason Wu truly got me on my way to becoming a top model.

[nggallery id=464]

If you share my enthusiasm, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman have the richest and boldest Jason Wu selections, and starting next season, Wu is also designing Hugo Boss’ all so feminine collection.

Jason Wu summer 2013


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Photo source: Jason Wu