September 3, 2013

The Italian masters. How you can never fail with Armani. At the office, Fashion Week or onstage

Giorgio Armani

After yesterday’s step into the aristocratic lands of Emperor Valentino, the pleasure of having my attention caught by Giorgio Armani, another artisan of beauty from the Italian myths category, could have only been tremendous.

Lady Gaga custom Giorgio Armani V Magazine Fall 2013

And even greater still was my wonder when who had me turning my head for an Armani cover was not a famous model in an elegant, smoothly cut neutrally coloured Armani signature design. No, it was Lady Gaga uncharacteristically conservative in atypically flamboyant Armani!

Redefining your classic style over decades while remaining ever relevant and then, after the same career  of decades, being able to gracefully take the leap between your aesthetic and the image of the most fantastically modern – maybe even post-modern – diva is nothing short of miraculous!

Is it still any wonder that everybody loves Armani?

PS If at Milan’s Malpensa I step out of the airplane all ready for Fashion Week, do you think I’ll have get reception worthy of Lady Gaga or Kate Moss?

Kate Moss Armani


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Photo source: Armani