May 23, 2013

The impossible choice among the Stella McCartney wonders

Lucia Plexi Clutch

I am so over the top enthusiastic for the treasures I found at Stella McCartney that I managed to stay a few good hours hooked on getting able to rank the unrankable and choose a few top truly irresistible picks. I ultimately made of it a pretext for getting myself lost and tangled among options and sensations.

When stumbling on the >> Lucia Plexi Clutch, I was able to grasp why Stella followed Karl Lagerfeld at Chloé, why Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were her free of charge friend models at the graduation show and made my mind on how the just perfect clutch would be able to bring me quite the same kind of satisfaction as being awarded an Order of the British Empire.

It then took me to run through >> the summer collection, and the emerald green got me absolutely smitten. I thought to myself that an ideally cut, feminine through every seam coat in this hypnotic colour must be the corner stone of my wardrobe. Its effect duly tested myself is guaranteed to bring me droves and droves of posh suitors lying at my feet.

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Then, after an equally head losing dash through the delicate silks of the >> lingerie line and the ultra delicate >> organic skincare products, I found myself accumulating so much overwhelming desire that I thought it a God sent when seeing I’ll be able to let it go by choosing – only one more time – among the strongly feminine options of >> adidas by Stella McCartney.

As it turns out, I still have to take one last yoga or running session – I still have to decide which – not equipped by Stella, to clear my head and not get irremediably lost among the great Stella McCartney wonders.

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Photo source: Stella McCartney