October 21, 2013

The gravity of dressing Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Vogue Calvin Klein

I have to admit it, this is maybe the least objective, most biased and influenced post I’ve ever written. I was fascinated with Alfonso Cuarón’s blockbuster Sci-Fi Gravity, touched by Sandra Bullock’s interpretation and read the entire constellation of articles in which seemingly all former astronauts and NASA experts have given their insight into what is veridical and what not in Gravity, from the International Space Station’s orbit down to the gravity of why Sandra’s hair doesn’t seem affected by the lack of gravity.

And the next step from NASA was, naturally, Vogue, wasn’t it? Only this time I let my bias run free and chose from among the silver beauties picked for Sandra’s glorious feature from among Calvin Kleins and Donna Karans… a Marc Jacobs!

Just watch it elegantly descend from the cover and/or podium! I thought that at least here should I have a say, since at the Oscar voting there’s no possible sway. And, who knows, maybe we can even amount to influencing what – I’m not censoring my opinion – Oscar worthy Sandra Bullock’ll wear on the red carpet!

Sandra Bullock Vogue Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs backless dress

Marc Jacobs backless dress

sequined stretch silk Georgette dress from Marc Jacobs, EUR 4 440 EUR at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos: Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Luisa Via Roma