July 12, 2012

“The good wife” is the sexy wife


„The Good Wife” is not a movie or a book title, though it may sound like this. It is actually the name of the third fashion collection of Andreea Badala’s brand, Murmur, for this summer.

„The Good Wife” may seem a fetish collection, but in fact it is a collection designed for modern woman, who needs to be sexy inside her house, but who is not afraid to express her sexuality even in public.



Inspired by the American housewife’s from the ‘50s, the collection features dots, perforations, retro bra cups, elastic bands, harness belts and leather, incorporated in elegant dresses, or that can be worn like separate pieces.

Because of the retro lingerie inspiration, this collection is extremely feminine and draws all the attention on woman’s body.

„The Good Wife” is already in shops, but can be admired online too.


Photos: Mumur Pr Office