August 8, 2013

The girl in the leather swimsuit

Paco Rabanne iconic black leather beach suit

Few things can get you thinking the way a bathing suit can. Philosophically sad, but absolutely true and, from the perspective of physical and emotional motivation for health, beauty and happiness, priceless.

Me, it was Paco Rabanne who pushed towards the putting into words of the fundamental question – When was the last time I put on a leather bathing suit? And the answer was About the same time I last made it on the cover of a magazine.

What followed was the rhetorical weighing of the differences between the concepts of bathing suit and beach suit, a hands on Polyvore research on the original stimulus, Paco Rabanne, an altogether reconsidering of what it means to be bold, confident and happy, and an enriched perspective on fashion’s place in our lives.

But enough with all the seriousness! Why not better think about how it would be if we were the girl in the magazine or, better yet, the girl in the leather swimsuit­?!

Paco Rabanne iconic black leather beach suit


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Photo source: Paco Rabanne