May 14, 2013

The free messaging service saving babies and helping mothers raise them strong and healthy


The infant mortality rate is in the United States higher than in most developed countries. The lack of prenatal care, unhealthy habits of the mother – smoking or substance abuse -, poverty and the lack of experience and support during the child’s first stages of development can prove to have dramatic effects, regardless of the general standard of living of the country the baby is being born in.

text4baby is a program successfully implemented throughout the previous 3 years, in the US. Future or recent mothers text to the text4baby number their due date or the baby’s date of birth and become included into the free service delivering them 3 times a week, during their pregnancy and the newborn’s first year, with text messages containing information and tips concerning the infant’s health and normal development steps.

A study carried out by the George Washington University revealed that for the time text4baby has been up and running, the mothers in the program are 3 times more inclined to see themselves as ready for motherhood as compared with the young mothers outside the text4baby system.

A simple idea which seems to have the ability of improving indicators that needed improving and which is seemingly changing the quality of mothers’ belief in their own capacity, while rising their babies’ chances for a healthy growth and development.



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