February 14, 2013

The Fashion Book Review. Balenciaga. The Master of Us All. His Workrooms, His World


The latest book both those at the Wall Street Journal and, passionately, I, are avidly eager to read, is Balenciaga. The Master of Us All. His Workrooms, His World, by Mary Blume.

As Christian Dior’s words on the Basque designer – the master of us all – claim it, and just as the respect and awe Balenciaga continues to raise is reclaiming, the so far mysterious life of the accomplished designer has been carefully and under a spell of fascination described by the former International Herald Tribune columnist, under the knowledgeable guidance of her friend Florette Chelot – Balenciaga’s salesperson. They have pieced together an intimate and vivid puzzle of revelatory memories, fascinating to fashion lovers and book lovers alike.

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Balenciaga. The Master of Us All by Mary Blume is available through Amazon at USD 16, for the hardcover, and USD 17.35, for the e-book.


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Photo sources: Balenciaga, amazon.com