January 31, 2014

The entire world of fashion fitted into a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

What is more beautiful than a fulfilling life? A life in which you work much and in which the reward, even if it sometimes seems to be running late, always, inevitably, comes? You might think I’m a little melancholic today, but I’m not. Far from me any melancholy and very very near, like my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, my unwaning enthusiasm for it, the assistant to lifestyles that are productive, creative and blessed with satisfaction.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Janina Nectara

As for riding the waves of challenges, you really need something to provide you with solutions for the needs already embedded into your everyday.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Janina Nectara

But I’d better speak clearly about the actual memories that come to mind: the Roberto Cavalli show, when my Samsung fit perfectly with the outfit selected from the Italian house’s collection, the time I had to rush from the airport straight to the Louis Vuitton store and was able to suggest to the taxi driver a shortcut I found on the net just in the knick of time, every tired evening when it reminds me about that meeting the next day I had completely forgotten about and every morning it provides me with a personalised fix of fashion news from across the world… Ah, and the now touching memory of the very first time I sketched a necklace, it happened to be on a plane, and as soon as it landed, I e-mailed it to someone whose opinion I value a lot, all across the globe, in Asia!

They all seem stories, but are very real. And even how well the slogan Design your life suits my life seems surreal, and is just mere reality. A reality with the brain of a genius, in an ultra-slim body dressed up in wild orange leather!

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Photos: Samsung