May 9, 2013

The Easiest Way To Get A Natural-Looking Self-Tan At Home: Josie Maran’s Tanning Body Wash


Fortunately, I don’t have personal horror stories involving self-tanning lotions, but I can vividly remember when a few summers ago, a friend was frantically searching at midnight for an open store that would have lemons for sale, so that she could correct the ”Saint Tropez tan” promised by the packaging of a so-called miracle-product.

Now that summer’s here, I look at my porcelain white skin, which would make even Dita von Teese jealous, and realise that I have two options: that of a trip to the beach and that of using a self-tanner, which could inject some colour into my skin until the sun begins to do its job. The problem? I don;t have time right now for a trip to the beach and when it comes to applying self-tanner, I have just about as much talent as for baking cakes (hint: my last cake went straight from the baking pan to the trash can, as it seemed useless to get a place dirty with it).

If you too can no longer bear the look of your pale skin, but are equally skillless as I am when it comes to self-tanning, there seems to be a solution for us: supermodel-turned-beauty-biz-owner Josie Maran, has come up with a self-tanning body wash, which promises the easiest application and the most natural-looking results.


The body wash, which contains Argan oil, known, among other features, for creating a glowing and lasting tan, comes with a loofah, and the instructions for use couldn’t be any easier: Squeeze a pump of body wash onto the loofah and then apply to damp skin (avoiding standing right under the shower head), rubbing in circular motions, just like with any regular body wash, until you see the skin colouring (which should happen in just a matter of seconds).

The best part? The self-tanner in the body wash isn’t very powerful, thus you may feel free to apply it only when the sun would naturally hit your skin, resulting in a natural glow and eliminating the risk of ending up looking like Lindsay Lohan.

Have I convinced you to give it a try? If the answer’s yes, you can purchase it here, for € 26.60.

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