June 25, 2013

The crown jewels. Posh accessories from Jaeger


Any posh young woman from the United Kingdom knows that to look and feel regal, you have to go shopping at Jaeger, on Regent Street. Let’s take for instance Princess Eugenie, who wore at the fantastically famous and pretentious horse race the Royal Ascot, a sweet little Jaeger dress with horizontal white and deep blue stripes.

But it doesn’t all mean that the high street Regent Street style is not for everybody, nor does it go as far as to see Jaeger so ultra British that it is not also open to the world! Why don’t we take for reference the new Mawi jewellery collection?

Oversized and dripping colour from gorgeous Swarovski crystals, I for one am eager to make it part of my summer wardrobe, just for a tiny little splash of aristocracy.



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Photo source: Jaeger