October 21, 2011

The couturier gold medal for Giambattista Valli

The premiere of this running fashion calendar year was the enlistment of my favorite ItalianGiambattista Valli, into the exclusivist fashion forces of the couturiers.

Valli made an honorable entrance into the couture high society. The League of Professional Couturiers gave him a hearty welcome, which is the right thing to do, because it was high time Giambattista Valli joint Dior, Chanelor Givenchy in his laborious undertaking of converting fashion design into pure art.

The winning looks of the season made a natural transition from prêt-a-porter to couture, in gowns with scattered handcrafted flowers, corals or pearls. Metallic belts were used to distinguish the waistline, while the unitary mark of the collection was achieved through ribbons for simple hairdressing, no styling tricks added. Notable indeed was the “widow of the collection”, the model Elena Todorchuk, wearing a black dress with ostrich feather adornments which covered each and every inch of her skin. Not even her face escaped the feathers: it was shadowed by a mantilla covering also her plain Spanish loop behind. The collection proved a real success both according to the critics and the sophisticated clientele occupying the front row seats.

But Giambattista does not only make wonderful dresses, but tasty jokes too, being among the wittiest designers I’ve ever met. Smart thinking, always good at words, Giambattista Valli gives me a side-splitting laughter whenever we have the chance of exchanging a couple of words. In our latest conversation when I launched into heavy praises as if the collection were my own, instead of a classical thank you, he replied to me: “I don’t know about that, I wasn’t there. I was working backstage.”

Well, he said it right to your face, Janina, didn’t he? Anyways, if Giambattista Valli didn’t get to see any of the presentation, he has the chance to get updated on his first collection – which got all our votes – right from Fashion avec Passion.  

Photo credit: Vogue.co.uk