November 10, 2013

The Christmas special editions are here!!!

#Christmas shopping ideas

Just the other day I sat still enjoying one of those raptured moments of the cold season – inside, with a cup of tea – I’ll admit, there must also have been a saucer with cookies somewhere nearby – and daydreaming about fashion, as usual, and about presents, also as usual, but even slightly more grace to, oh Holy Grace, Christmas!…

… when I suddenly had the tremendous idea that I could, in fact, play with infinite combinations for the entire family (next year I must absolutely branch out towards friends!), and not be bothered with them finding out– how could they possibly guess what surprise will end up under the tree from hundreds and hundreds of options?! – and, most of all, with how much time I will be spending looking them all up! After all, there is no possibly nobler, and, on top of it, professional, cause than this!

Said and done! Here it goes, my Christmas Presents Portfolio is already starting to look up…

#Christmas gift ideasOscar de la Renta brooch

Oscar de la Renta Swarovski crystals bow broche, USD 595, for mum, from among the dozens of de la Renta options

Louis Vuitton scarf

Louis Vuitton Micro Damier scarf, EUR 294, for dad, from among, I think, the hundreds of Louis Vuitton options

Burberry clutch

Burberry clutch bag, £ 875, for my sister, (oh, but I also love it!) from among the loving Burberry presents

Armani rubber rain boots

Armani rubber rain boots, EUR 101, for my little niece, from the craved for Armani surprises

Noelle Charlotte Olympia booties

Charlotte Olympia Noelle rabbit fur trim booties, EUR 995, for me, (to be able to forget the Burberry pouch) from among the irresistible Charlotte Olympia temptations

Gucci ski goggles

Gucci ski goggles, EUR 130, for him, from among hundreds of Gucci proofs of love

So here is… set no 1 from 1 001! Especially now that I’ve come across the Louis Vuitton goose game – no, I’m not kidding nor am I looking for pretexts, you don’t believe me? have a look! – I think I’ll be making good progress, maybe even 10 new options a day – one when I wake up, one with my coffee…


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Photos: Oscar de la Renta, Charlotte Olympia, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Armani, Gucci